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Big Day - Wee Footprint

Bride and Groom Blackhouse Forest Estate
Image by Charlotte Kinsella - Dress Rowan Joy - Suit Stewart Christie 1720 - Make up - Lynsey Shiells Make up - Flowers GLOAM

It’s understandable that not everyone is able to have a wee wedding, nor might it be possible to do it 100% sustainably. If however a more intimate guest list suits, this will have a directly beneficial impact on your carbon footprint. With fewer people travelling you’re going to naturally have a smaller impact on the amount of CO2 emitted as a result.

In the whirlwind of planning a wee wedding, it’s easy to overlook the impact nuptials can have on the environment.

More so now than ever sustainability is something that can be worked into your plans if you wish, with ideas that can ensure you host a sustainable, zero-waste, ethical event.

Fashion & Style

You still want to look knock out for your wedding, but it doesn’t mean you have to compromise when it comes to sustainable materials.


Thankfully it’s easier than it’s ever been to find a wedding dress or a suit which have been manufactured from sustainable materials. Satins, hemp-based silks, organic cotton knitted lace and general fair trade products are all popular and common bases of modern dresses.

Something borrowed

Renting a dress or suit for your big day is also a viable option. With lots of styles to choose from and differing budgets catered for, you know that your garment is going to be worn more than once.

Alternative attire

If you’re not to bothered about having a traditional wedding, there’s also the option of dressing in something which you know is eco-friendly. Encourage your guests to do the same if you want to highlight the sustainable element of the wedding.


Grow your own

Green fingered? Have a large garden? Enjoy being outdoors and doing something creative? Why not grow your own. It may not be as polished as what you would get from a professional florist but there’s a huge charm in being able to say ‘I grew that’. Herbs are also a beautiful addition to bouquets or table decor bursting with aromas.

Buy seasonal & local

Have a look at the type of flower you want and whether it’s in season. Visit which also lets you see pesticide usage, in turn letting you make a decision about the mileage your flowers have travelled and the impact it may make on your day.

Find a sustainable florist

As with most businesses, there are a growing number of florists who are making eco conscious decisions. You can spot a sustainable supplier by looking for those who:

  • Don’t use floral foam or plastic

  • Source local or ethically certified flowers

  • Are transparent about how they work and where their flowers come from

Eco friendly decorations

You don’t have to compromise on your perfect décor just because you’re trying to make your wedding as green as possible. By using a rental company it means they will reuse all items again and again, but here’s a few ideas for DIY décor -


Make the most of the natural daylight while you can, Summer is obviously more suitable for this. Candles in safe holders or solar powered fairy lights can make the evening ambience even more romantic.

Table planning / place cards

Any form of paper signage which you use can be sourced ethically, or even replaced altogether. For larger table plans chalk boards can work well. When it comes to place cards, bamboo or recycled options are the best way to go.


For wedding invites, think about sending out e-invites, and asking people to RSVP online. If you know particular guests are not particularly technologically minded, give them a phone call.


There’s a relatively easy alternative to traditional confetti that comes in the form of biodegradable, dried out petals. These not only retain the aesthetic appeal of the original product but break down naturally in the environment without doing any damage.

Other natural materials

From the table runners to napkins, there are a series of decorations which you can find made from materials like hessian, hemp or pure linen.

For tableware you can consider using rustic natural wood, sourced from sustainable forests.


Having your wedding take place outdoors means you’ll be able to make the most of the sunlight, fresh scents and sounds of nature. Also your venue will be decorated with actual foliage!

One location for all

Hosting both the ceremony and reception in the same place means guests won’t need onward travel for part of the day, which makes a huge difference to your wedding’s overall carbon footprint.

Sustainable /organic food and catering

This is another factor we often overlook at a wedding.

The Pantry

If food wastage and sustainability matters to you, you can source a catering company who keep the following in mind:

  • locally sourced for mileage

  • locally sourced to ensure small communities can thrive

  • cutlery that's reusable, recyclable and biodegradable

  • food that didn’t get consumed can be turned into compost

  • whilst some pesticides have their benefits, they also carry harmful chemical pollutants which can have a negative impact on the environment. Be sure to ask your caterer if their products conform to the certified standards.


The lodge at Blackhouse Forest Estate offers a special intimate venue for up to 20 day guests for wedding breakfast (depending on set up) and sleeps 10.

Blackhouse Forest Estate will offset the carbon footprint of your wedding by planting trees.

If you would like to find out more about our luxurious off grid eco venue please feel free to get in touch

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