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Low key & less stress - Elopements

Image by Charlotte Kinsella Photography - lochan at Blackhouse Forest Estate

What is an elopement?

A traditional elopement is often the couple, an officiant and two witnesses, however now it has expanded to include the couple and a few more of their nearest and dearest.

While elopements are not as small as they once were they are still usually no more than 20 people. Elopements are private, intimate and create unforgettable memories.

Why elope?

It all comes down to what you want.

Eloping comes with less stress, less planning, less organising, less drama and less cost than a traditional wedding would.

Instead of having say 10-15 suppliers for a wedding, an elopement usually only has a handful.

You want to focus on you

You want to enjoy your time together and be completely present. Eloping offers an authentic experience where couples can soak in every moment. Deciding to elope means deciding how you’re going to celebrate your wedding day together, despite what anyone else wants or recommends.


According to Bridebook the average spend on a 2023 wedding in the UK is £19,037, up £2,500 year on year. Couples may be saving for a house, have a family or the current cost of living is having an impact on finances. Depending on the shape your special day takes, elopements can help you put money away for your life after marriage.

Image by One of these days photography


You may not enjoy following a traditional day; being given away, white wedding, centre of attention and that’s ok!

Perhaps taking vows with nature as your backdrop or hiking to watch the sunset from a stunning vantage point is more up your street, there are no limits when it comes to planning an elopement.

You don’t enjoy planning

Compared to wedding planning, elopements can take as little as 3 months to organise. Whilst there is some planning involved during elopements, it’s not even a quarter of what’s required for bigger weddings.

Avoid drama

Where a lot of personalities are involved there can be differences of opinion. Its your day, you decide how you want to celebrate.

Second wedding or marrying later in life

You might have already had a big wedding, maybe you have children and you want it to be just you and your own family for a more intimate, simpler celebration.

One big adventure

You can tie your elopement into your honeymoon and make one big exciting trip out of it.

Weddings are about celebrating love so whichever way you want to celebrate your love, do so in the way thats most authentic to you.

Looking for somewhere quiet, intimate and scenic for an elopement? Blackhouse Forest Estate is located in tranquil surroundings off the beaten track. We are offering:

  • Day hire of our gorgeous glass atrium for upto 10 guests, patio and use of grounds for photography

  • A beautiful suite to change, relax and prepare for your wedding

  • Helpful and knowledgeable support to co-ordinate suppliers

  • Wedding toast

  • Witnesses if required

  • Prices start at £899 subject to availability, terms & conditions apply

Optional add-ons

  • Additional guests up to a total capacity of 22

  • Celebrant/Humanist

  • Flowers

  • Photography

  • Accommodation

  • Wedding breakfast, romantic picnic, cream tea

Please email Caitlin our Events Manager on for more information

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